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Change your life using fitness, nutrition, and the power of a tribe to get the results you’ve been dreaming about for years!

EPIC FITNESS IS A Supportive fitness community with workout, nutrition, and mindset training to make it super easy to TURN your fitness dreams INTO reality.

If you’re reading this, that means you are looking for a change.


Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength, keep your fitness gains, or simply decrease your stress and boost confidence…you’re here for a reason.


You desire the type of abundance that being in shape and living a healthy lifestyle creates…


So, where do you start?


See, after working with many men and women over the past decade, I’ve started to notice a pattern…


That pattern is this…

Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to embarking on a journey of healthy living.


Or maybe, they’ve continuously gone back and forth with losing the weight only to end up gaining it back, constantly frustrated with the process.


So… what’s the solution?

What I’ve found is that successful, and most importantly, lasting weight-loss, with strength gained and good health, comes down to two very simple things:


#1 – The right plan to follow


#2 – The right mindset to see it through.


By giving you access to three free trainings that educate you on proper nutrition and training techniques, while also helping you develop a solid mindset that enables you to sustain lifelong success, you’ll have the support you need to commit this time.


Simply click the button below and you’ll get access to our

that we offer our members, which includes valuable mindset and nutrition training and much more – all created and tested by me and my team.

Meet Adam

Adam Berezowski is the owner and founder of EPIC Fitness. Adam’s vision has been to help others realize the benefits of learning about proper health and fitness and how it can truly change their lives.

Adam struggled most of his life with being overweight and unhealthy. After hitting rock bottom, Adam discovered fitness and just how impactful making healthy choices lead to a better life. It was after this self realization that he developed a passion of helping others become the most EPIC versions of themselves through proper training, nutrition and most importantly a healthy mindset.


I GET it…balancing all of life’s priorities — work, family, friendships — while maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tough — really tough — but you don’t have to do it alone.


I can help!


This is exactly why I created the Epic Fitness Facebook Group, where people come together to slay their nutrition and fitness goals. I call it our Epic Tribe. It’s a place to share, learn, encourage, inspire, motivate, and connect with other members who are on the same journey to get results.


Believe me, I understand the daily juggle of career and family and even hitting those fitness walls; I know what it’s like to go through big life changes and have setbacks – it’s why I’ve dedicated my fitness career to helping busy people like you take back their fitness by creating and maintaining a fit lifestyle.


And when you do this, not only will you feel better physically — but emotionally as well.


That is, when you have the right plan.


Really! It’s that simple. Again, getting fit doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective.


When you have a plan for success…All you have to do is show up.


My goal is to provide

guidance, structure, community, and accountability…

…so you can build the health and fitness lifestyle you want.


Get started by watching my 3 Musts for EPIC Results Training Series.



It’s the simplest and most effective way to create lasting HEALTH & FITNESS! 




Getting in great shape doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

✔ Want to know exactly what exercises will get you the results you have always wanted?

✔ Want to know which exercises will have you moving better and feeling better in as little as one month?

✔ Want to know what nutrition plan will not only work for you, but still give you the lifestyle you want?


Answers to these questions are exactly what you’ll learn when you watch my 3 Musts to EPIC Results Training Series.


You’ll have a proven strategy that has helped hundreds of clients we’ve worked with.

And the best part is…


I’ll show you how to execute it, including how to keep moving beyond your first milestone so you can live that version of your life you’ve been yearning for.


A life where you look good and feel good.


A life full of energy and confidence.


A life where you can have all these things and still enjoy the foods you like!


Think about it:

Leaner, Stronger, Fitter, and more Confident.


With lasting health!


“Ok Adam,

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?”

Just about everyone I’ve ever worked with comes to a new fitness program with a lot of questions, so here are some of the most frequently asked ones we get:


“What are the right exercises for my body and my goals?”

This training will go over how to adopt fitness around your lifestyle, your goals and your body. I’ll lay out the path for you to finally make fitness a long-lasting part of your life.

If you had access to a plan that has worked for hundreds of my clients, that was laid out just for you would you feel confident in seeing better results?


“Will this be too complicated for me to actually get results?”

When it comes to getting results, I’ve found that it’s all about making things simple. I’ll cover how to implement a plan based on your fitness experience level and show you the best techniques to use to reach your unique goals.


“Will I have the time to even use this?”

Your plan will only be as effective as its execution. This is why I’ll help you find an approach that not only makes sense for you, but it will work with the days and times you can commit to, so you aren’t sacrificing important family time or obligations.


“How will this actually get me the results I want?”

When you know what to do and have a clear focus on what your goal is, the rest of the work is made up of small actions that you take each day.

We’ll start with what those small actions should be for you, then I’ll tie them into reaching the big goals I know you have. Small habit changes built up overtime can have a huge impact on your long-term health!


“Will this include nutrition guidance as well?”

100% of all successful transformations include a change in nutrition. So not only will I cover what your resistance and cardio training should be, but also cover the best approach for you regarding nutrition so you can get the best results possible. With simple, affordable, whole-food meals that provide the best fuel for your body.

If you’re ready to make EPIC changes, click below…