“Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time.   Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”  -Joel A. Barker

Welcome 2020!  It’s that time of the year when most of our population makes those “Resolutions”.  I am here to tell you why New Years Resolutions suck (but why you should make them anyway).

Most of us get caught up in the tradition and make resolutions but here is why we never meet them.

  • We bite off more than we can chew (not all resolutions have to be huge).
  • We try to do too much too soon. There is no timetable to achieve a goal.  Some goals take time to reach.
  • We are fall just short of building the habit that will lead us to change.

However, just because I am saying that resolutions suck, I still believe in them.  After all, it is just another word for setting a goal. The key is to set small attainable goals that will eventually lead you to the big goal.  Once those goals are set we have to take responsibility and “BE CONSISTENT!!”

Consistency is the key to long lasting change.  Consistency creates accountability. Consistency helps forms habits.  Consistency is the difference between succeeding in your resolutions or falling short.  I urge you all to make your resolutions however, be consistent in the creation and execution of your New Years goals.

Chances are if you are reading this you may have a health goal or two in mind.  I am here to remind you that all of us at Epic Fitness are here to help you set realistic goals and put a plan in motion to get you there.  Make an appointment with us, sign up for a challenge or a race, or do all the above. Make 2020 the year of change and the year of CONSISTENCY!  Build those positive habits and be EPIC!

Author – Tyler Gosley, Training Director