We let our core values encourage everything we do in business and in life. Our clients feel the benefits of our personalized approach to creating a lifestyle transformation.


  • Commit To The Tribe
  • Take Courageous Action
  • Make A Plan And Fallow Through To The Finish Line
  • Live From An Empowered Stance
  • Be The Change You Want To See In Our Tribe


Epic Fitness is the most effective way to achieve lifelong health, genuine friendships, and RESULTS that will last.

Mission: 800 Tribe Members committed to living an EPIC life by April 2020

Purpose: To inspire our Tribe Members to set BIG goals and be a part of something bigger

We’re raising the bar on SIMI VALLEY training

Epic Fitness entered into the fitness industry back in 2010 after its founder, Adam Berezowsky, decided to pursue his passion in the fitness business. A passion that was deeply rooted in helping others realize the benefits of learning about health and truly changing lives. Adam met his wife, Kaitlin, in 2012 during a Ragnar relay running race. Kaitlin instantly fell in love with the incredible community and innovative workouts, and the rest is history. Now this Epic couple own the business together.

The Owner, Adam Berezowsky, struggled most of his young adult life with being overweight and unhealthy. Adam began his career in real estate, which gave him his foundation in entrepreneurship. After hitting rock bottom, Adam turned to fitness as an outlet. Adam saw incredible results and went on a life changing journey. He fell in love with the power of fitness and the desire to make an impact and change lives one person at a time.

Today, Epic Fitness is Simi Valley’s leading group training facility for men and women to lose fat, build muscle, boost energy, and feel more confident!

Our innovative group fitness training combines power, strength, and stability in each class with supportive coaching every step of the way.

Epic Fitness has been recognized by our members for providing a safe and effective, results driven training experience in a supportive community environment through our proven programs and expert coaching staff. Unlike traditional gyms, we focus on our Tribe members as individuals, and provide the tools, support and accountability they need to achieve sustainable results.

We support our clients with losing fat, building muscle, boosting energy, and feeling more confident everyday.