Perspective – Tyler Gosley, Training Director

With my job I get the opportunity to meet and talk with some absolutely amazing individuals.  Many of them come from very different backgrounds, work in a wide variety of professions, and have some interesting things to say.  As a student of life I make sure I listen and try to learn and take away things that will make me better in work, life, and as a person.

This past week I had a very good conversation with one of my clients about perspective.  He gave me a very good scenario and it really spoke to me. Imagine you and a friend were running on a beach (this is a wellness blog after all).  During your awesome run you two came upon a something drawn in the sand.  You each are standing on opposite sides and see this.

They both share what they see.  One is clearly looking at a 6 and the other is looking at a 9.  So I ask you this question: Who is right? The brilliance of this picture is that they both are.  What they see depends on their perspective. To me this is a very powerful statement. Just because you are right, doesn’t mean the other person is necessarily wrong.

Digging deeper into this concept you may find an example in your life where you have been on both sides.  This is where life and experience come into play. At one point in your life you may have been so certain you were right about something only later to look back and see how someone else at a different point in their life was in the right too.  

Just because you are right, does not mean the other person is wrong.  Let me say that again, just because you are right, does not mean the other person is wrong. With all that is going on in the world today, it’s important to be mindful of perspective.  Please don’t mistake me, if you believe something is right, then fight for it. Just be mindful.  There is more than one way to get things done. There are numerous ways to look at something. Many roads lead to the same place.  We are all in this thing called life together and we have the power to make it incredible for more than just ourselves!

If you notice one of your fellow Tribe Members struggling, or perhaps you notice someone in your personal community struggling, with their nutrition, fitness, personal or professional relationships don’t be afraid to encourage them. Often times great things come out of simply recognizing our differences.

“We rise by lifting others” Robert Ingersoll